Dissertation -2021

Barcode Title Author Callnumber Guide Year
DME0001 Sustainable Housing By integrating Technologies Abhinav Tripathi 01-2021 Ar. Tabish Ahmed Abdullah 2021
DME0002 Optimising Passive Techniques in Residential Buildings of Warm and Humid Climate Anjali Mandhyan 02-2021 Dr. Ritu Gulati and Ar. Mariya Zama 2021
DME0003 Reducing Heat Gain Through Roofs: A Comparative Study of Passive Strategies for Commercial Buildings in Composite Climate Anukrati Tandon 03-2021 Prof. ICV Sagar and Prof. Deepti Sagar 2021
DME0004 Feasibility of Cement Stabilized Earth Blocks as a Sustainable Construction Material in Western Ghats Regions of india Aviral Singh 04-2021 Prof. Shadab Saifi 2021
DME0005 Viability of Piezoelectric Materials in india: A Sustainable Alternative for Harvesting Energy Disha Vashishth 05-2021 Prof. Afaq Ahmed 2021
DME0006 Construction and Demolition Waste in india: Practices to Tackle Cnd Waste Faraz Faisal Khan 06-2021 Prof. Mahima Thussu 2021
DME0007 Mitigation of Urban Heat Island By Using Several Features: A Literature Review of the Works in india. Kushagra 07-2021 Prof. Gaurav Singh 2021
DME0008 Optimum Façade Design to Reduce Energy Consumption in office Buildings in Hot and Dry Climate Mohd Abdul Mughni 08-2021 Prof. Jitendra Singh Diwakar 2021
DME0009 Assessment of Campus for Sustainability Prachi Pandey 09-2021 Dr. Vandana Sehgal and Prof. Shriyak Singh 2021
DME0010 Building the Uncommon in Ecovillage Using Environmentally Sustainable Design Techniques Renuka Singh 10-2021 Prof. Tauseef Rahi and Prof.Vaibhav Kulshrestha 2021
DME0011 Life Cycle Assessment: Cseb and Kiln Fired Bricks Saumya Verma 11-2021 Prof. Rajiv Kacker and Prof. Ekta 2021
DME0012 Implementation of Sustainable Water Management Techniques to Optimize Operational and Maintenance Cost of office Building: A Case of Noida Shubham 12-2021 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee and Prof. Priyanka Rastogi 2021
DME0013 Building Envelope Through Biomimetic Architecture Sidra Sabahat 13-2021 Ar. Alok Omar 2021
DME0014 Feasibility of Bamboo As Structural Material For Construction in Uttar Pradesh Vagisha Pandey 14-2021 Dr. Anjaneya Sharma 2021
DME0015 Energy Optimization For An Apartment Building in Composite Climate Zehra Umar 15-2021 Dr. Farheen Bano and Ar. Akshay Gupta 2021