THESIS - 2022
Barcode Title Author Callnumber Guide Year
TMU0001 Smart Mobility Planning For Model Split Of Inner City –Ayodhya City Abhishek Baidya 01-2022 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee 2022
TMU0002 Development Of Blue-Green Infrastructure For Resilience Combat Water Logging And Water Shade Management: Varuna & Assi River Varanasi Ananya Tripathi 02-2022 Prof. Deepti Sagar 2022
TMU0003 Restructuring Development Pattern Along Metro Corridor: A Case Of Lucknow Metro Anjani Kumar Singh 03-2022 Prof. Mahima Thussu 2022
TMU0004 Planning Strategies To Mitigate Urban Heat Island (Uhi) Effect Using Gis Anshumala Vajpayee 04-2022 Prof. Gaurav Singh 2022
TMU0005 Model Logistics Park For Defense Corridor, Uttar Pradesh Devesh Mani Tripathi 05-2022 Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2022
TMU0006 Planning For Sewerage And Sanitation In Lucknow Municipal Area Faizan Ahmad 06-2022 Ar.Arundhatee Mishra 2022
TMU0007 Rejuvination Of A Static Water Body- A Case Of Sanjay Lake, New Delhi Kartik Vashishath 07-2022 Prof. Deepti Sagar 2022
TMU0008 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - A Case Of Lucknow Kaustubh Srivastava 08-2022 Prof. Vaibhav Kulshreshtha 2022
TMU0009 Pedestrianization In Commercial Area : A Case Of Varanasi Priyanka Upadhyay 09-2022 Prof. Mahima Thussu 2022
TMU0010 Integrated Eco-Sensitive Approach To Generate River Related Economy – A Case Of Gomti Riverfront, Lucknow Rajarshi 10-2022 Dr. Joydeep Dutta 2022
TMU0011 Capacity Building For Urban Tourism Development Of Ayodhya Municipal Limits Sayan Munshi 11-2022 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee 2022
TMU0012 Proposal Of Brts In Lucknow Based On Best Practices And Brt Ranking Indicators Shagufta Irshad 12-2022 Ar. Gaurav Singh 2022
TMU0013 Redevelopment Of Mixed Industrial Area Of Dharavi Shwet Prabha Baiswar 13-2022 Dr. Vaibhav Kulshrestha 2022
TMU0014 Assessment Fo Housing Demand For The City Of Ayodhya Shweta Singh 14-2022 Prof. Anupam 2022
TMU0015 Development Of Overall River, The Attendant And Un-Attendant Ends And Creating A Holistic Plan With Incorporating Socio-Economical Viewpoints Under Lmc Sonali 15-2022 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee and Dr.Indrani Chakraborty 2022
TMU0016 Planning Water-Secure City Through Water-Sensitive Planning Case Of Kanpur City Utkarsh Dwivedi 16-2022 Prof. Prabhat Rao 2022
TMU0017 Improving The Last Mile Connectivity Of Lucknow Metro Through Strategic Planning Of Feeder System Yati Kumar Mishra 17-2022 Prof. Anupam 2022
THESIS- 2023
Barcode Title Author Call    Number Guide   Year
TMU0018 Study of Modal Shift Behaviour Towards Metro Rail - A Case of Kanpur City Aman Gupta 01-2023 Ar. Anupam 2023
TMU0019 Planning Strategies For Development Anju Yadav 02-2023 Ar. Mahima Thussu and Ar. Ananya Tripathi
TMU0020 Strategic Development of Inland Waterways Nw-1 In Bhagalpur, Bihar, India Bhawna Phulara 03-2023 Ar. Prabhat Kumar Rao

TMU0021 Integrated Development Plan Along Delhi-Meerut Rrts Corridor From Sahibabad To Duhai Station As Per Tod Principles Diksha Gangwar 04-2023 Ar. Prabhat Kumar Rao

TMU0022 Impact Analysis of Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway To Formulate Planning Strategies For Balanced Development of Peripheral Area Diksha Singh 05-2023 Dr. Joydeep Dutta and Ar. Prachi Singh 2023
TMU0023 Stakeholder Perception Analysis Towards Environmental Impact Assessment of Ken-Betwa Link Project In Bundelkhand Region Divyanshu Shrivastava 06-2023 Ar. Anupam 2023
TMU0024 Developing Approaches To Supply The Potable Water In Water Scarce Area: Case of Karwi (Chitrakoot Dham) Chitrakoot Up, Bundelkhand, India
Huma Tabish Fatma 07-2023 Prof (Dr.) Indrani Chakraborty and Ar. Shadab Saifi
TMU0025 Sustainable Water Management: Tackling The Issue of Transmission Losses In The Water Supply System For Lmc(Lucknow Municipal Corporation)

Kushagr Sharma 08-2023 Prof. Vaibhav Kulshestra

TMU0026 Integrated Approaches For Stormwater Management And Ground Water Recharge In Faridabad City: Towards Sponge City Concept Muskaan 09-2023 Ar. Deepti Sagar and Ar. Divya Pandey 2023
TMU0027 Flood Risk Assessment And Management - A Case of Rudraprayag District (Uttarakhand) Pooja Yadav 10-2023 Ar. Shishir Kumar and Ar. Poorva Yadav 2023
TMU0028 Strategies For Enhancing The Functionality of Newly Designated And Reconstituted Ulbs of Samastipur District, Bihar Prashant Kumar 11-2023 Prof. (Dr.) Subhrajit Banerjee and Arundhatee Mishra 2023
TMU0029 Integrating Sdg 11 Principles For Sustainable Peri-Urban Development: A Case of Lucknow Sharukh Raza Rizvi 12-2023 Prof. Arundhatee Mishra 2023
TMU0030 Rejuvenation of Assi River, Varanasi-Up, India Shritik Srivastava 13-2023 Dr. Joydeep Dutta and Ar. Danish Benazir 2023
TMU0031 Planning Strategies For Mitigation of Urban Floods: A Case of Greater Hyderabad Somya Singh 14-2023 Ar. Gaurav Singh and Ar. Shishir 2023
TMU0032 Urban Frige Area Planning - A Case of Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow Sudhanshu Kumar Singh 15-2023 Ar. Mahima Thussu 2023
TMU0033 Agriculture Enhancement For Development of Rohat Tehsil, Rajasthan Tanya Agrawal 16-2023 Ar. Vaibhav Kulshrestha and Ar. Poorva 2023
TMU0034 Performance Evaluation of Public Transport Modes: Case of Lucknow And Kanpur Vatsalya Kaushal 17-2023 Ar. Gaurav Singh and Ar. Shagufta Irshad 2023
TMU0035 Strategic Planning of A Jalesar Town For The Betterment of Brass Handicraft Venkat Gautam 18-2023 Prof. (Dr.) Indrani Chakraborty and Ar. Prachi Singh 2023
TMU0036 Integrated Solid Waste Management In Lucknow Municipal Corporation Area Vinod Kumar Gautam 19-2023 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee and Prof. Divya Pandey 2023
TMU0037 Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan of Core Area Zone 1 of Lucknow City Yash Vardhan Singh 20-2023 Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee and Ar. Deepti Sagar 2023